About Us

Flora and Fauna of Aotearoa is an environmental organisation that advocates for holistic and sustainable care of our environment and all its species. Our Vision and Mission are outlined below:

VISION Living in harmony with nature. Sustainable living and environmental responsibility through kaitiakitanga, are our primary values. We recognise ourselves as an integral part of the natural world and as kaitiaki of all life.

MISSION Caring for our flora, fauna, people and earth in a holistic manner that ensures we all thrive now and in the future.

The Maori word Kaitiakitanga means guardianship, care-taking, stewardship of the natural world.

You can read our Strategic Plan Summary for 2020-2022 here. You can show your support by joining us as a member, making a donation or sharing your skills.

Membership There is an opportunity for you to join us as a Member and to support our positive vision for the future of Aotearoa, New Zealand. We believe that we all have a role to play in the restoration and protection of our environment. Whether you contribute financially, volunteer your time, skills or expertise, together we will work towards supporting sustainable environmental care. Go to Join us in the menu.

Our People We are a network of environmentally conscious people from across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We come from all walks of life and are united by our passion for caring for our environment and all the flora and fauna of Aotearoa.

Our Board of Trustees are passionate and dedicated too!